CSXD2, Pro

CSXD2, Pro is a denomination assigned by STEREOVISION PRODUCCIONES for their own creations of presets, these are used frequently in EDIUS by the Peruvian producer in the accomplishment of documentary and audiovisual advertising in Peru.

This product is composed of 5 main libraries 'Looks, Pictures, Effects, Composition and Utilities' these in turn consists of 17 Categories + Favorites, taking more than 315 presets; here's some info: 

* Looks
This library includes 6 categories + Favorites, applied in the clip will give you a special look that will clearly identify the reason, in the various themes that have for editing.

* Pictures
This library integrates 2 categories, 10 themes + favorites; specially designed to give 2D/3D movement to your still images that have... applied in the clip, easily set the panning and zooming fixed on themes.

* Effects
This library consists of 2 categories + Favorites, here are the visual simulations.

* Composition
This library is composed of 4 categories + Favorites, here apply 3D movements with reflection, requiring reassembly in composition, it is scripted added or simply applied directly between the video tracks.

* Utilities
This library is composed of 3 categories here apply the additional complement for the Look Vintage, TimeCode for REC and Others.

Here some of the presets:


Unlike other products... CSXD2 Pro if it is real-time: Mobile,Web, SD, HD, CinemaScope, 2K-Film and 4K-Film (proxy mode) with the highest quality, also have a variety of customizable preset in different categories that make it unique to CSXD2 Pro.

Support for any type of project in EDIUS 6, EDIUS Pro 6.5 and EDIUS Elite:

SD NTSC (720x480), (720x486) it is 4:3, 16:9 / SD PAL (720x576) it is 4:3, 16:9
HD (960x720), (1280x720), (1280x1080), (1440x1080), (1920x1080).
Mobile, Web(320x240), (352x240), (352x288), (480x320), (640x360), (640x480).
CinemaScope2.35:1 / (1280x544), (1440x612), (1920x816).
2K-Film(2048x1108) 1.85:1, (2048x872) 2.35:1.
4K-Film(4096x2160) 1.85:1, (4096x1744) 2.35:1.


With the support of this new feature, you can compose sequence Look with 'Colorama' and 'Vintage' in its different color mixture to choose to merge in your clip, besides being able to insert 'Gradient Background' for your animations.

Timecode for REC
Adding a new style, you can combine your REC effect with the Timecode recording, additionally from its palette of EDIUS information, you can enable or disable the black bar of the counter.

Additional Effects
The addition of new effects that brings the CSXD2Express, are you additionally 5 new effects in version CSXD2Pro, these are: Sunray, Color Bypass, Neon Light, IPS Vision and Poster.

You can view the demos of CSXD2,Pro  here  

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